May, 2010

Tinker Bell, life of an engineer!

I watched the fairy tale cartoon, “Tinker Bell” (sometimes you watch things when a kid around you watches them 10 times!). Besides the cheesy aspect of all fairy tales, there was another interesting aspect into this cartoon produced by Disney in 2008. TinkerBell (a newborn fairy) was an engineer! and belonged to a group of fairies called Tinkers (Engineers). Watching this movie, you could easily connect with her experience as an engineer:

– She first finds her talent as an engineer after being rejected by several cooler talents! (this one not always true, actually!)

– Tinker’s territory as opposed to other fairies’ is not a beautiful place with pretty roses. It is in the basement, a not so beautiful place surrounded by all those gadgets!

– Her pals are not pretty fairies, but a bunch of geeky looking guys!

– As opposed to all the other fairies, Tinkers are not supposed to go to the main land to bring about spring. They have no business there! They just ought to stay and build things that others are going to show off with!

– When everything gets ruined, everyone points at her (the poor engineer) as the person responsible for all the mess!

And finally, the good part of the story:

– When everybody is disappointed and believes no one can fix the mess, our little engineer stands up and says: ”I can fix it. I am a Tinker (engineer). We Tinkers (engineers) know how to fix things!”

And she DOES. Looking at the situation from another (novel) angle, coming up with some innovative ideas, building some useful tools from a set of presumably useless things, she finally builds things up in a fraction of the time everyone expected to take for all those creations to happen.

And, since everybody including the queen (the Boss) was pleased with what she did, she (only that single engineer) gets permission to go to the main land (just this time only) to watch how spring comes about.

Yes, that is the life of us, engineers; but if you are an engineer too, be proud! Even though we are not as appreciated as we deserve and even though we are not invited to the nice parties in which people show off our products, we are still cool! Everyone needs us and they know it. Let’s have fun with our weird toys and gadgets which no one else in the world can enjoy from! We are engineers!

PS. I just found it an interesting coincidence that I wrote this post on the International Workers’ Day (May Day). Happy May Day to all workers including engineers!

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