October, 2010

For Chilean miners

In two hours (from the time I am writing this post) the rescue mission for the 33 Chilean miners will start. Millions of eyes will be watching the process and millions (if not billions) of hearts will be with the survivors of the mine crash who have been confined down there for more than 2 months. I am personally so emotional and have crossed my fingers and wish for their health from the bottom of my heart.

I believe this incident can change the history of this weird looking country on the map forever. I can imagine countless good things that this story can bring for the poor people of Chile. The sense of unity and hope as well as the attention they get from the rest of the world are just examples. This is the beauty of life that a terrible incident like this can have tremendous positive outcomes. And the miners, their families and the rescue team all deserve all the rewards, praise and attention.

So, let’s hope this story has an ending exactly like the ending of all fairy tales: “And they lived happily ever after…”

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