Gahi Godari
A Non-Sense Documentary on Iran

Tuesday 13 January 2004

I watched this documentary about Iran by Jane Kokan, the Canadian journalist which was made secretly in a trip to Iran. At first, the nonsense stories she was making up seemed funny to me, but I got mad at her later on. I am so sorry for people who can see Iran and its problems only through the view angle of this lady and people like her. She was talking about the dangers of her trip such that it reminded me of the movie “Mission Impossible”! She was explaining about coding the emails, being watched, secret places and mysterious people in a way I thought: “Is this really the country I was grown up in?!”

After watching the movie, I felt more respect for Christiane Amanpour, the CNN news caster who had some reports about Iran a few years ago. What she showed was much closer to the reality of my country than the imaginations of this Canadian lady. I don’t know how many groups, organizations and TV channels paid Ms. Kokan to make this artificial so called documentary. I am really sorry that unstable situations of Iran is a means for getting famous and finding reputation among people who may not even care what is going on in Iran.